Tuesday, August 23

Rare 5.9 Earthquake

Facebook walls are exploding with confused young adults on the east coast. According the the United States Government, it registered overall as a 5.9 with epicenter in Va. It was felt as far north as N.H and in the office buildings in NY.

It has been said to be the result of Michael Jackson rolling over in his grave due to the release of Justin Beiber's new single.

Monday, August 22

Chris Brown and Fox News Respect

Of course, This is no laughing matter. That's why the record stores refused to sell Chris Brown's greatest hits album with Rhianna on the cover.
I do not respect Chris Brown. It seem like he was punished for his crimes by all legal standards, so the jest on Mr. Levy's part was a bit harsh; however, it seems that perhaps celebrity status should provide better role models for all of us. Do you think that the felony was easily overlooked by the public?
Anyways, do you feel that Chris Brown deserves forgiveness? Was Mr. Levy out of place commenting on air? Should Chris Brown expect to be targeted by dark humor?